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your friendly neighborhood pro wrestling newsletter

OMG! Workrate!
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A newsletter for professional wrestling fandom - WWE, TNA, ROH, etc.
Do not join this community; watch it. Only the editors have posting access.

Welcome to workrate, a newsletter for professional wrestling on Livejournal. This is inspired by communities like thedailyreports and jedi_news.

Read the community F.A.Q. post.

This community updates once a day. Your editors are sigarilyo and lyssmich, with back-up editors atariprincess_x and ulop. The watcher journal is enzuigiri. If you would like to apply for editorship/back-up editorship, please e-mail workrate.news@gmail.com with your username.

If we've missed a community or journal to watch or a post to report, please leave a comment (anonymous commenting is on and all comments are screened) to the latest issue or to workrate.news@gmail.com.

- wrestling_lims (Last Icon Maker Standing challenge for wrestling)
- tapout100 (100 icon challenge for wrestling)
- wwegirls (a community for female WWE fans)
- whispernthwind (a Jeff Hardy community)
- wwelims (Last Icon Maker Standing Challenge for WWE)
- johnmorrison (a John Morrison community)
- deuce_n_domino (a Deuce and Domino community)
- clique_news (a The Clique community)
- trish_stillness (a Trish Stratus icontest)
- cj_stillness (a Chris Jericho icontest)
- wwe_rumble (a WWE icon challenge community)
- saveushero (a Chris Hero community)
To affiliate with workrate, please leave a comment on this post.

Note: We do not watch locked journals/communities and we do not link to locked entries. We also do not link to off-LJ sites or webpages, unless they were linked to in an LJ post.

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